Mission Statement

The Committee for Missing Children, USA is one of the largest distributors of missing and abducted children's photos, and is a leader in the area of family abductions and parent advocacy. The CMC, Along with its photo partners has distributed several billion images of missing and abducted children worldwide. In 1998 the CMC opened a branch in Germany to assist parents who have had their children abducted across international boarders.

The primary mission of the European branch will be to council victim parents. We want to help parents of missing and abducted children receive the help they deserve and direct their requests, applications and questions to the appropriate agencies. The CMC Europe maintains contact with other groups and organizations throughout Europe and the United States that have the same or similar objectives. We are collaborating with groups, organizations, and agencies associated with missing and abducted children.

The European branch is working with committed lawyers who have had experience dealing with child abduction and have litigated under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The CMC Europe is working to gather information, legal papers, court papers, judgments and statistics that will help a parent understand what they will face when forced to apply for the return of their children from a foreign country.

The CMC Europe will work closely with law enforcement in order to assist in the recovery and return of missing or abducted children.

The Committee for Missing Children
German Branch