On May 30, 2007, my son, Kristopher James Myers, was abducted from the United States and taken to Germany without my permission. I tried everything within my ability to get him back, but I was deployed to Iraq at the time. Upon returning to the US, I talked to everyone and even hired a lawyer to help me get him back but it was going nowhere. Just when I was about to lose all faith, I met people from The Committee for Missing Children and I cannot describe how much they have helped me. They introduced me to a German lawyer that handles cases similar to mine and even paid for my flights, hotels, and rental cars in Germany. This was a huge help as I was in debt and trying to make ends meet at that time. They even called to check up on me and talk to me when the first court denied the return of my son. On appeal, the court ordered the return of my son. Once he was back in the United States I got a call from all of them asking how Kris and I were doing and to see how the US courts were handling this matter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Thelen family, the Weisker family, and the Lops family for all the assistance that they provided and continue to give me.