First of all I want to thank to my Lawyer, my family, Partner and friends who helped me and supported me during this extremely sad, painful and hard 14 months. I also want to thanks to Missing Children and others European Organizations and from South America too, by giving me also support and advices.

I don't wish to ANY Kid on the world to pass thru such a situation and not to any father or mother.

To those parents who are planning to take away their kids, because they can not get along with the other parent's side, not to behave so brutal and egoistic and please, if you really love your child, DON'T KIDNAP YOUR CHILD! Try all the ways you can to separate your adults problems from your kids, they are not responsible for your feelings and adult problems.

Such an experience is very traumatic for a child and he/she doesn't deserve it! A child needs to have a happy and healthy childhood, full of love, fun, adventures, all what a kid needs, and not, as I said before, having traumatic and sad experiences and being away from the beloved person. Respect your child!

For those who are in such a situation now, please be patient, trust on your lawyer and the justice, continue fighting for your kid's rights and never give up. Inform yourself as much as you can, and see what and how can you do. Don't think that your kid will forget you or hate you, if you always go with a true and honest heart and feelings, your child will understand that in the future.

If you think I can help you in some way, if you need some words of support or to know what I did to find my daughter, please do not hesitate and just send me an email, I will be very happy to help you if I can (

Viel Kraft!